"innovation with rigor"

In compliance with the most rigorous design and safety standards, we create unique stairs, unique in the experience of their use. Our stairs are produced in dry and noble woods, in Krion/Corian, glass, stainless steel, metal or pinch, with excellent finishes and possibility of lighting. With great functionality and versatility, our stairs fit into any residential or commercial space, contributing to a better experience of architecture.


Our Technical Office will help make your dream come true. You can count on our experience in interior staircase design to support you in the design, technical development and production monitoring, thus ensuring due attention to ergonomics, efficiency and attention to detail.


We have an installed production capacity that allows us to respond to the most demanding challenges. We have equipment and qualified human capital for the development of interior stairs in the most diverse materials and technologies. Focused on the attention we give to detail and finishes, we build superior quality products.



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